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Eye Health Examination:

Dr. Staffier advises his patient's to have a yearly routine eye examination for best prevention of medical concerns. What is an eye examination? An Eye examination establishes how well the person can see. It consist of a sequence of tests that determines a person's ocular health and visual acuity, to distinguish abnormalities of the visual system.

Visual Field and Retinal Imaging:
As a part of your annual examination the visual feild tester will measure your peripheral vision. This will help the doctor understand how well the nerves connecting the eye to the brian are working.

A retinal camera will be used to photograph your blood vessels, optic nerve and retina. This will help monitor any small changes that can indicate diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and glaucoma.

Contact Lens Examination:

Tired of glasses? Contact Lenses are the change you have been waiting for. Unlike glasses contacts move with your eye giving you an expanded field of site. A Contact Fitting will determine the best lens and comfort for your correction.

While paying close attention to the cornea, eyelids and conjunctiva Dr.Staffier will evaluate how contact lens wear will affect the health of the eye. Each patient's prescription is based upon their individual needs. Although most fittings are done quickly we will allow as many visits or as much time needed for each patient.

Insertion and Removal Training:

Wearing Contacts can be difficult, proper training is required for all new wearers. During a training, we designate an hour long session (but not limited to one session) to guide you through the steps of removing and inserting your lens correctly.

Dilated Fundus:

Using special drops, Dr. Staffier will increase the size of your pupil giving him a larger window to examine the internal eye health, such as, the optic nerve, blood vessels, macula and retina. Having your eyes dilated can identify many eye diseases, and systemic disease during the test.

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